You probably have questions about Blue Leaf Design Build, and about the remodeling process in general.  We have developed this list of common questions to help you better understand how we work with you, and for you, to achieve your goals.



  1. Why should I hire BLDB?
    • Deciding on a General Contractor can be a stressful decision. This is the unfortunate reality of residential construction. The limited oversight provided by most municipalities makes it very easy for poorly qualified people to call themselves builders and take advantage of homeowners. Home renovations are an extremely personal experience, so having a builder that you can trust and will have your best interest at heart is crucial. DO NOT hire based solely on price. You will pay far more in the long run. The good news is that there are many excellent builders to be found. Check their references, make sure they are licensed and insured, ask for a detailed bid or estimate, discuss their plan for your project, and then choose the one that makes you feel the most comfortable. We are confident that we will be at the top of your list.
  2. How long has BLDB been in business? 
    • The owner and GC, Philip Angelo, has been a sole proprietor in business for over 20 years. BLDB is the new branding for the company as it expands its services.
  3. Is BLDB licensed and insured?
    • Yes.  We will provide proof of each at the start of your project
  4. Does BLDB maintain a permanent mailing address, e-mail address, website address, business and/or personal phone number, cell phone and voicemail?
    • Yes.  All are listed on the homepage of our website, our business cards, and our documents. 
  5. Does BLDB have a portfolio or website?
    • Yes, we have both.  Our portfolio can be found on our website,  We have a traveling portfolio as well.
  6. How does my remodeling project work?
    • The design and permitting process can take a few days up to several months depending on the size of the project. If the scope requires architectural drawings and engineering, there may be several iterations before a final plan is submitted for permitting. Some smaller projects will not require a permit.
    • After the design and permitting has been completed, we will be in frequent, often daily contact, with you about your project. The construction process is fluid and ever changing, and every effort will be made to keep your project moving forward and on schedule. In construction, one seemingly minor delay can cause significant delays down the line. Your participation and communication with the build team will play a vital role. 
  7. Does my project require a permit?
    • There are a number of considerations that decide whether a permit is required. Most municipalities have information online that will help with this. In general, if you are simply replacing existing finishes (cabinets, lighting, plumbing fixtures, etc.) you won’t need a permit. If anything structural is done, or if anything inside your walls is modified, then you will need a permit. DO NOT hire a contractor that doesn’t have the required licensing to pull a permit for your project. You risk fines, and in the case of selling your home, you risk having significant issues with the inspection process.
  8. Does BLDB take on projects of my size?
    • We specialize in mid-size to whole home renovations, but we are happy to consider smaller projects as well.
  9. Can BLDB provide me a list of previous clients?
    • We are happy to put you in touch with previous and current clients
  10. Who will supervise the construction on site? 
    • Phil supervises and works on all projects and is on the project several times a week, if not daily.
  11. What work will BLDB perform (as opposed to subcontractors)?
    • During the planning stage of your project, an agreement will be made regarding which portions of work will be subcontracted, and which will be completed directly by BLDB.  We have established relationships with licensed subcontractors in all trades, and only uses those who meet our high standards of value, quality, and timeliness. All of these aspects will be discussed with you to create a build team that best suits your particular needs.
    • Subcontractors are a critical part of our team. Some subcontractor trades that may be used include plumbing, electric, HVAC, concrete, roofing, drywall, paint, etc. If you have a subcontractor you would like to use, or prefer to bid out sub work to meet budget considerations, we will absolutely work with you and your preferred subs. 
  12. When can BLDB start my project?
    • Depending on our current and scheduled workload, we can typically start 3-6 months after the initial estimate is completed and the bid is accepted.